Update + Part III

Well Arielers, we apologize for the lengthy silence. We have been quite busy working on many worthy causes in the past few months. One includes saving Oolaoolaoos from extinction (we may have failed unless youve seen one recently) and another we cannot speak of yet since the POUP (Police On Unsubstantiated Presences) have not yet declassified the file. Please feel free to use as much pressure as needed to make sure it comes out.

We have however received the much anticipated third and final chapter of the “Anonymous” trilogy that we share with you below.



In the Blink of an Eye

The now has arrived as it always does,

Ahead of the future unknown and vast.

It tries to carve its place in the stars,

Leading the present into the past.


The fate of a moment remains unclear

No matter how big or small.                     

Forgotten in a day, a month, a year,         

Then instantly on demand we recall.           


Not all moments are equal it seems     

Bending reality all around.

While some feel like a distant dream

Others to our hearts are bound.         


Moments with you, short and long

I simply treasure more.

I know im right where i belong

Knowing a secret that most ignore:   


For days to go forward, to have and to keep,

You must have dreams for them to come true.

How fitting it is that awake or asleep

All i ever dream of is you.

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