New Member Submission

It has been a couple of weeks since our coverage of Pixies and we were very surprised to receive an anonymous email this morning saying that one of our members was genuinely inspired by it. So much so that they decided to write a little something themselves and asked us to share it on the website.

We could never refuse such a request. So here it is!





It is when we dream that we know we’re alive,

Lost in a world our mind creates.

Oceans of thoughts at once we revive,

Value the ones our heart dictates.


Every night I am cast adrift

Yielding to a will that is not my own.

Obsessed by a creature cunning and swift,

Unwilling a host to her whims unknown.


Not a glance there is that can resist

Obeying the wishes in her eyes.

Weakened further the more I persist,

Admitting too soon my impending demise.


Not a touch there is without craving more,

Daunting is the absence of her embrace.

Fenced in her realm, all reason I ignore

Obliged by her beauty, trapped by her grace.


Reveries permit what life restricts,

Every wish granted to our hearts content,

Voicing the desires our soul depicts

Eluding the filter of our mind’s consent.


Reality holds challenges aplenty

Aimed at those they would subdue.

Setting sail is half the journey

Having wind to do so will ensue.


Life seldom offers a chance to clasp

Echoes of dreams that seem unreal.

Embracing this moment is within our grasp

Never to return and its secrets reveal.



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