Mermaid Population in Peril

Jan 4 2014
All over the world, Mermaid populations are dwindling drastically.
Ever since Dr Walter Disney released his comprehensive visual documentary in 1989 that most of today’s world is still familiar with, this has only helped increase the number of mermaid poachers across all continents.

Apart from the fact that killing one of God’s creatures that was made in his image is blasphemous, one must also note that very few parts of a mermaid have commercial use. The larger more solid scales on the upper 5-10% (depending on gender) of the tail are used for limited decorative purposes while the lower section of the tail just above the fin is served as sashimi or sushi. The rest of the tail is too muscular to be edible. So taking a step back and looking at this objectively without even considering the loss of life, the tracking, hunting and killing of Mermaids is barely even viable!

The reason this issue has stayed under the radar of mainstream media is mainly because most people do not believe mermaids actually exist. Not only is this a problem in and of itself, but it has helped Mermaid poaching remain unregulated and unpunished. This situation is unacceptable. We urge all visitors to this website who are deep sea divers (and i mean REALLY deep sea. Like where you cant see anything anymore even with a flashlight) to record all of their dives in the hopes that they can catch a glimpse of these miraculous creatures in order to raise awareness. will be holding a contest for the submission of such pictures. The member that submits the best image will receive a free “SAVE THE MERMAIDS!” mug from Ariel Project. Our way of saying “well done. And Thanks.”. Please submit all entries within the next 2 weeks to

More information about Mermaids as well as links to helpful resources will be posted soon. Out of all imaginary endangered lifeforms, Mermaids need the most of our attention second to Pixies. We shall touch upon Pixies soon once we feel we have concentrated enough effort on Mermaids to make a difference.

Thank you and please do not hesitate to email us at if you have any questions or comments including requesting the review of an imaginary endangered lifeform that you feel particularly attached to that is in need of active rescue.

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