Letter to a Pixie

Well Arielers, it seems our member submission post helped encourage more members to send in their written work!
This month, we would like to share with you a letter written by a man to his pixie. As we all know, pixies’ natural habitats can be quite far from human populations so we imagine this relationship has its difficulties.



Long Distance Thoughts


Its good to know that I can touch

your heart even if I can’t see

you all the time. It makes me

wonder if you find it especially

hard when thinking of me brushing

the topic off as I mimic a kiss with

my eager lips on your

phone hoping it sends a tingle down your

back as I continue to

read your replies following every key

stroke – Parts of your body

language get me addicted to our conversations

which I just can’t get enough of.


I don’t want you to think

I enjoy breathing down your neck

but I like it when we are

playfully touching upon one another’s

past and sharing our lives’

intimate parts. It makes me want to explore

the thoughts that you sometimes hide

deep inside you by pushing my

luck. I just hope you always re-

member as much as possible

that I act this way because I am so

into you.


Although we both dislike

continuously swinging back and forth

between cities, the only thing

I always want to hear

is your voice. You complain and

you groan as I get you

to lie on me and you start dozing

off while I get ready to ex-

plain how my world without you would im-

plode almost instantly.

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