“Anonymous” Strikes again!

We don’t know how this person is managing to send us untraceable anonymous emails but yet again we received an email this morning that we would like to share with our fans and supporters!


To Reality

Echoes of dreams that seem unreal

Floated about for far too long.  

Impatient and eager I broke the seal

Liberated from a dream too far prolonged.


Yearning for answers, I walked the abyss  

My restless heart as my only guide

Fear of despair while searching for bliss 

Only hastened my pace and doubled my stride.                  


Reality plays not by a Reverie’s rules,

Any desire you can’t simply conjure

Endeavouring to use all the right tools

Yet only prolonging the torture.


Time passed and made the mistake of

Soothing my life with dreams in the dark.

Enchanted was I, blind while awake

Bound until that very first spark.


Enough light was created by this flicker         

That it exposed the darkness I knew not was there

Until my eyes were opened by a glimmer

Lighting up my life like a flare.                      


Only one soul on earth could have achieved 

Such a an impossible task

By showing me a world I never perceived

Always hidden by my invisible mask.            


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