A.R.I.E.L. Exclusive – Pixies exposed and explained

Pixies are marvelous creatures in the literal sense of the term. Stealthy, tricky, alluring, talented and sometimes wise, they live in a world dominated by humans without the slightest complaint. We will discuss the reasons why this is in detail below but maybe the most amazing trick they have successfully pulled off is making 7 billion+ souls believe that they are a myth.

Well. Let us be the first to tell you. They are very much real. because of the mutual trust between ARIELPROJECT members and different Pixie communities, we cannot divulge any actual video or audio footage. This is not only out of respect, but nothing good can come out of the friction between the human and pixie species. We would like as much as possible to preserve the harmony that has existed for many millenia while at the same time sensitizing the human population to some “behind the scenes” events with Planet Earth as center stage.

We will go on to describing the many different types of Pixies. Some communities were more open to sharing information than others. This was out of the belief that the human race is not a threat added to the confidence in their abilities to sway humans in certain directions if the need ever arose. We did and still do experience the effects of some of these abilities so we can assure you that they are very much real.

Pixies come in all sizes, colors, genders and posses different abilities as well as predispositions but the foremost important distinguishing factor is if they fall into the “visible” or “invisible” categories. Now of course when we say “visible”, we define this as visible to the naked human eye.

Invisible Pixies

By far the most difficult to get an accurate description of. Here is the best picture we could find of an invisible pixie in its natural habitat. See if you can spot it.

enchanted forest

No? Neither could we. Thought maybe you might. We are not sure which sub-family he/she would belong too and very little was found out by our research team about invisible pixies mainly due to the fact that they like to stay invisible. The only information we have is from other Pixie communities. We are pretty certain that this information is reliable and that invisible Pixies do exist but measuring tools need to be built in order to prove this. One of ARIEL’s research teams is currently working towards this goal. Invisible Pixies are said to be extremely shy and solitary. It is a common belief among Pixies that when they die, some actually “ascend” to become invisible Pixies that look after and guide the younger Pixie communities behind the scenes. Visible Pixies can live their whole life without ever seeing an invisible Pixie which is why they have become a sort of myth much like regular Pixies are a myth to us.

The creation of this mystical aura has pushed the invisible Pixies further into seclusion and secrecy. The extent of their powers is largely unknown. Some Pixies believe that they are the most powerful Pixies of them all but are wise enough not to abuse of their power. Others simply dismiss the idea and say that due to the thousands of years of “hiding”, their abilities are diminished. The theory is that since they are invisible, they rely on their invisibility and have lost the practice of using any sort of extra ability.

We will keep you up to date on this issue if our research team succeeds in ever finding an invisible Pixie. Our hopes and expectations are however as low as our budget on this one.

Visible Pixies

“Angel” Pixies

angel pixie
Angel Pixies, or “Angies” as they call themselves (well…i mean, other Pixies coined the term and they use it, its not like they gave themselves a nickname, thats just weird), are the type of Pixies you would want to run into if you ever were to be that lucky. Angies act as the peacekeepers and teachers in Pixie communities. They are often very powerful (not as powerful as the fabled Invisible Pixies as described by some) and use this power for the good of Pixie communities as well as to keep the peace between Pixies and other species including humans. They, like other pixies can take human form and are extremely good at looking perfectly…well…human. If you have ever looked at a stranger on the road in passing or in a coffee shop and it seemed that for a second all your troubles were swept away and all you could do is smile, this “person” may have been an Angie.

Their effect on humans is usually always positive, subtle and low intensity. They are non-confrontational and overall good souls. They were the most helpful in terms of what we judge to be accurate information about Pixies even though not always forthcoming about every detail. We understand the wisdom in their cautiousness and thank them for their input. This project would not have gotten off the ground without them.

Dark Pixies

dark pixie 1

Also known as “Hexies”. You want to steer clear of Hexies although if they decide to target you, there is very little you can actually do. Hexies are Pixies that have learned to use their abilities to control and toy with other species including humans for the simple pleasure  of doing so and knowing that they are capable of doing so. Hexies tend to be outcasts of the Pixie communities or sometimes even “fallen Angies” who crack under the pressure and need to blow off steam. Its quite a hierarchical community with the more experienced Hexies actually being feared by the more inexperienced ones who look up to them in one part admiration and one part envy.

We think to have captured the image of one of the elder Dark Pixies but we can never be sure as they are constantly playing tricks with what we perceive. We believe the below picture to be relatively accurate though

dark pixie 2

If ever you’ve had a horrible day where every little thing seems to be going wrong, you may have been the unwilling victim of a Hexie prank or initiation. They will usually not ruin any large part of someone’s life but if you’ve had one of these days where you’ve spilled your coffee, missed you train or bus by 10 seconds, had a random fire alarm test go off in your 30th story office and had your power go out at home just as you wanted to take that hot shower, chances are you were targeted by a Hexie. We were told by Angies that the next time you think that you may be in this position, simply utter the words “Quixie Hexie Fixie” three times in a row and they will usually let you be and move on to another less “in tune” target.

Tricky Pixies

pixie 2

Tricky Pixies, aka “Trixies” are definitely this writer’s favorite. Although I appreciate Angies and am both intrigued and slightly scared by Hexies, Trixies definitely are the ones I prefer. Playful, innocent yet cunning, Trixies are all about intense but ultimately harmless fun. Often, Trixes tend to be younger Pixies both untouched by traumatic events which may push them to join the rank of the Hexies while at the same time not experienced enough to join the ranks of Angies. Not that they want to, or need to for that matter.

As a human, i must admit to being completely biased. Trixies have the sharpness of the mind of some of the smartest amongst us combined with a pure and clean sexual seduction that not many humans (both male or female) could easily resist. One dead giveaway of a Trixie is their hypnotizing eyes that are in the shape of a “pixie leaf” grown only in very select imaginary parts of the world. It is believed that the fabled “pixie dust” derives from a process in which pixie leaves are the main ingredient. We tried to inquire about the topic with Angie elders but they asked us not to push the topic so we did not. It is clear to us though that there is a direct correlation between the shape of this leaf and the shape of Trixie eyes. This phenomenon is known as “aggressive mimicry” whereby a certain physical trait is made to look like the harmless version of that same trait which also occurs in nature. One such example is the bright leaves of the “Venus Flytrap” carnivorous plant that mimics the colors of harmless bright flowers that insects are normally attracted to in order to lure and trap them. In the same way, Trixie eyes seem to mimic the look and feel of pixie leaves thus providing them with a naturally powerful tool.

We would like to thank an avid contributor to this website, “Pixie Lover 101” for sending in a beautiful sketch of Trixie eyes. It shows that she is truly experienced in the matter. In fact, we wonder at how she was able to draw Trixie eyes with such accuracy since Trixies don’t hang around for long when they make themselves seen.
pixie eyes 3

If you stared at this sketch for more than 5 seconds, you got a taste of the what the real experience would feel like. I was lucky enough to have met a real life Trixie. It is honestly unfair that any of God’s creatures have this kind of effect with a simple glance. The feeling is indescribable. It feels like you know exactly what is happening yet both unable and unwilling to do anything about it.
The reason this trait is particular only to Trixies is that their softly piercing look is too playful and seductive and therefore unfitting for Angies while at the same time too serene and honest for any Hexie to fake.

If at any point in your life you have felt infatuated for no apparent rhyme or reason and have wanted to shake the feeling but unable to do so, you may have crossed eyes with a Trixie. The eerie and annoying part is, you will never know if this occurred the same day, a month ago or a year ago but it will hit like a piano dropping on a concrete floor from 20 stories up.

Well that’s all for now loyal ARIELers. We will update this post as more information becomes available. We hope that by categorizing the types of Pixies we uncovered as well as trying to provide real life examples of possible encounters that you will come to understand, respect and cherish the roles that Pixies play here on Earth.

Please feel free to comment or to ask for further clarifications on certain topics. We will do our best to help where we can.

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  1. ImABeliever1991 says:

    I would just like to say this article is perfect! Thank you SO much for clarifying the different types of pixies.

    I’m hoping the Pixie Hunter reads this and realizes that these are beautiful creatures and they should not be held captive. You’re not fooling anyone with your ‘chickens’.

    Pixie Lover 101 – you did an amazing drawing, way to go! Although it’s a very strange eye shape.. personally.. I would never want it. Ugh it looks like Princess Jasmine’s from the Disney movie Aladdin. But hey, good for the Pixies.

  2. arka00 says:

    Hi guys, girls, pixies and mermaids,
    Im new to the forums so ill make sure to read up more on the topics before joining in the discussions but i would just like to say that I agree with ImABeliever1991’s comment about Princess Jasmine. I just Google imaged it to make sure. So on point! However i am not sure why anyone wouldn’t want such beautiful eyes. I for one wish i had a friend who had eyes like that. Id undoubtedly be instantly hypnotized, Pixie or human.

    Unless of course ImABliever1991 is a guy in which case i agree, itd just look weird on you bro.

  3. Pixie Hunter says:

    Wait what?
    Now i have 2 members against me?
    You know what, who says you two are even human? Maybe you’re Pixies yourselves.
    Did you not read the part about Hexies? I am doing the world a service.
    If you dont like it, go complain to….wait….theres no one to complain to. Awww…what a shame.

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