“Save The Mermaids” Contest Winners

Jan 17 2014
Wow! We were seriously overwhelmed by the number of entries in our “Save The Mermaids” picture contest. Thank you so much for all 8 entries that were submitted! In fact, we had such a hard time picking a winner that we had to pick one winner who received our “Save the Mermaids” mug as well as one runner up who will be receiving our new pen.

First Prize

Our winning picture comes with an incredible story. Ashleen H. from Canada was part of a photo shoot in the great white north by a secluded lake. Amanda T., the photographer and Ashleen who was posing for the shoot were the only ones for miles. Given the large swing in temperatures in the month of January, the ice on the lake was fragile in certain areas. Before i go on with the story, i don’t want anyone to get worried so i will start by saying that everyone in the story is just fine and alive at the moment. So unfortunately, the ice cracked under their feet. As they both fell into the cold water, the camera actually managed to take a couple of shots before the water damaged it. The first shot seen below is Ashleen falling into the water which she graciously shared with us.


Now if this one startled you, just wait until you see what the camera caught next.


With the cold and disorientation during this experience, Amanda and Ashleen are not quite sure how they made it back to the surface. It is possible that this young freshwater mermaid may have helped but we will never know. This has to be the clearest image of a mermaid that we have ever seen and we thank both Amanda and Ashleen. Although we never wish for anything like this to happen to anyone, we are glad that they went through this life changing experience so that they can share these photos with the world.

Second Place

Now the runner up picture comes to us from Japan. Aruka A. sumbmitted the following picture which not only captures the picture of a mermaid, but does so in a violent setting. You can see the mermaid being thrown upwards from the blast below caused by waterproof dynamite used by mermaid poachers. This technique, called “blast-aid” is often used to propel mermaids to the surface where it is easier to harpoon them.
This is a sad, sad picture but Arukah tells us that the mermaid survived and escaped which we are glad to hear. It is unclear what Arukah was doing there in the first place but who are we to question such things. We are just happy the picture was submitted. At first we were struck by the resemblance of this mermaid to a human but some saltwater species have been known to look very human-like in order to go unnoticed. What finally convinced us was the clear separation between the upper body and the tail as seen near the hip.


This was a great experience and we are extremely grateful for all members who submitted pictures. We will most definitely be holding more of these contests in the near future. If you want to get a head start, it looks like Pixies will be the next topic of discussion by popular demand. A word of warning though, they are tricky little mischievous buggers so don’t expect any picture taking to be easy.

Happy hunting.
Hunting is a bad word.
Happy shooting.
No no, shooting is also not the best word here.
Good luck.

ArielProject.org contributor

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8 Responses to “Save The Mermaids” Contest Winners

  1. Pixie Lover 101 says:

    What an amazing job Ashleen did on that ‘save the mermaids’ contest..

    just unbelievable. completely breathtaking. Arukah’s work was sub-par at best.

    Well done anonymous founder. You’ve created a brilliant organization here.

    I’m hoping there will be a contest for the pixie shots as well.. I have some connections with the pixie communities. It would be SO great to get the word out about their existence. They too are in grave danger.. nothing is more voluble than a pixies dust.. everyone knows that. Unfortunately they’re being slaughtered by hundreds of people who are only after their magic pixie dust. Such tragedy..

  2. Pixie Hunter says:

    Not sure about this whole Mermaid thing but these poachers seem like they are in the wrong industry. Pixie lover makes a good point about Pixie dust. I have experienced its effects personally. In fact, at this point its basically in my blood and very hard to get rid of. So i ask you, who is the real victim?

    Not only is Pixie hunting lucrative, but it it benefits the human race by limiting the amount of Pixie dust available. And contrary to what Pixie lover says, they are not that endangered yet. I would urge you to consider doing thorough research before any post is made on the topic. I am always available for info if you need me.

    Now excuse me while i go back to look after my Pixie farm…..i mean…..er…..my dog.

  3. Pixie Lover 101 says:

    Maybe we should be hunting after you Pixie Hunter!

    What an animal.

    THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE! Murderer’s like this one right here need to be stopped.

  4. Pixie Hunter says:

    You want to hunt after me? Sure. Let me hunt, then you can hunt.
    Yes I am a human therefore I am an animal.
    Id also ask Pixie Lover 101 to check the definition of murder before calling me names.

    No reason we cant be civilized about all this. Besides, this thread is about Mermaids. I think we should wait for the unbiased option of ARIELPROJECT before getting into these types of heated debates.

    Now excuse me while i go flip the electricity switch off in my farm so that the Pixi…i mean the chicken….can rest before producing another fresh batch of…eggs…in the “morning”.

  5. Pixie Lover 101 says:

    Pixie Hunter – the definition of murder was written by humans who obviously are not well informed on the existence of imaginary endangered lifeforms. By harvesting all of these poor Pixies pixie dust and keeping it for yourself, you are draining these beautiful creatures of their power – and killing them. I hope you’re happy.

    I vote we RAID Pixie Hunter’s home and set free all of the captured pixies! Who’s with me!!

  6. ImABeliever1991 says:

    I’m in!

    Damn this Pixie Lover 101 is a bad ass!

  7. Pixie Hunter says:

    Ha! Come find me bixies!

  8. Stalker123 says:

    Hey guys,

    he lives in Montreal, I saw him on my plane ride home from France.. I know where to find him.


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